Active Adult Communities

A senior client by our definition is anyone planning ahead for their retirement, particularly those looking to retire in Austin. We help our clients research future retirement housing options, buy a second home that may become a full time residence in the future or sell the large family home and look for more appropriate housing that will provide years of comfortable living. When you are ready to think about buying a second/vacation home or a retirement home nearby or in a new town, it’s important to work with people that you trust and feel comfortable with, whatever your age or motivation. That includes not only a Realtor to represent you, but also a financial advisor, mortgage consultant, an attorney, a remodeling contractor and other trusted advisors. Key Points:


Residents in Austin Active Adult Communities often form social groups, travel groups and other special interest groups.

  • Working through a Realtor® to purchase a home, even one with an SRES certification generally costs you nothing. When you retire in Austin, whether you buy an existing home, a new home or a home in an Active Adult Community, any agent’s commission is paid at settlement out of the Sellers’ proceeds.
  • You will not pay less for a home in an Active Adult Community or any other new home community if you go to them directly without representation by your own Buyer’s Agent, no matter what you heard through the grapevine. Builders pay Realtor fees out of a separate marketing budget. Actually many builders pay a small bonus to Realtors for bringing a contracted buyer to the community.
  • Most new construction homes in Austin Active Adult Communities and New Home Communities require that your Buyer’s Agent accompany you on your first visit.
  • A Buyer’s Agent is responsible to his/her client – you. It is your agent’s goal to help you find the right house at the right price for you and negotiate on your behalf.
  • A sales person at any Austin new home community is an employee of the builder and has one objective – to sell you one of their homes in that particular community. They will not tell you about another community in the area or one that is coming soon that may suit you better.

When looking to retire in Austin, there is no one solution that fits everyone. Active Adult Communities in the Austin area are not the right answer for everyone in the target age group of 55+. It is a great option for many, and there are a variety of communities in the Austin area. Some are more structured while others have a more informal organization to plan social activities. We can assist you in selecting a community that best matches your style.

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